Culture of Health and Safety

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Culture of Health and Safety

Preventing harm in the workplace, keeping employees healthy and safe at work, and reducing the number and severity of incidents, is at the very heart of what The Fountain Group is about. It is important work and The Fountain Group takes it seriously. The Fountain Group has created an effective workplace health and safety culture through LEADERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, and TRAINING. The goal of the workplace health and safety culture is to ensure that all employees receive the training needed in order to complete their duties safely and successfully.

The Fountain Group believes that employee involvement in the site’s safety and health program can only be successful when everyone on the site receives sufficient training. This helps to ensure the understanding of what their safety and health responsibilities are and how to fulfill them. Therefore, training is a high priority to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Finding time and knowledgeable personnel to do effective training is vital. Each year management pays special attention to the evaluation of the year’s training efforts to look for methods of improvement.

Statistics show that employee’s work more safely when they are involved in the decision making process and have immediate feedback about their work. This is why The Fountain Group encourages frequent safety moments between employees and management. Safety moments are a large part of our quarterly safety and health program evaluations and is a driving factor in the continued success of our health and safety culture .

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