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So you posted your resume to a major job board and have never heard anything back? This is a common problem that many job seekers voice as a major frustration in a job search. While it is true that the major job boards are stiff with competition, there is still a way to beat the odds and have hiring professionals find you. In order to flip the odds in your favor, you have to know how companies find candidates on job boards.

When you boil it down, job boards are large databases of resumes. Recruiters and hiring professionals using job boards to search for candidates perform a key word search. In order for your resume to populate in a search you must have those specific key words in your resume. Therefor, when posting your resume, be sure to include all of your skills, software and applications that you have experience. Do not take any skill for granted.

It is fine in this instance to have a resume that covers a wide arrangement of your skills. When you receive a full job description from a recruiter or hiring professional, you can update your resume to match those particular requirements. You know you will have found a great recruiter when they take the time themselves to assist you with specific updates to your resume that the hiring manager is looking for.

Though key words are paramount in getting your resume discovered on job boards, just making a laundry list of skills will not suffice. Many recruiters use advanced software to discover and parse resumes using a contextualized search. This type of search will weigh key words in context with the resume content. This kind of search allows the computer to take in consideration if a skill was used once 5 years ago or if it was used every day for the past 5 years. Basically filtering resumes and allowing the recruiter to only see resumes with the exact and recent experience their client is looking for. Make sure your resume clearly lays out your experience at each job. Only adding it to a summary section will lead to being overlooked and possibly missing out on a perfect opportunity.

Another great tactic is to refresh your resume every few weeks. Often, recruiters and human resource professionals view resumes posted most recently first. Continually refreshing your resumes ensures that you are frequently at the top of the list to be contacted.

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