Looking to know more about what it’s like to work for The Fountain Group? We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions below. Still have questions? Please visit our Contact page.

If I am traveling, who pays for my food expenses?
Please discuss this with your recruiter directly as it may vary based on assignment.

Who can I speak to about the length of my contract? 

Please contact customer support at customerservice@thefountaingroup.com, and they will assist you.

Why did I not receive an offer letter?
Your employment agreement is your official offer letter.

I don’t see my pay rate included in my employment agreement. Why is that? 
The employment agreement is a standard agreement that we use for all of our consultants.

Can someone guide me through the time keeping process?
Our customer service team is glad to assist you with this process. Please email customerservice@thefountaingroup.com. Instructions on this process should be discussed during your new hire orientation provided on your first day on assignment.

When do we get paid, weekly or bi-weekly?

Do I get paid as soon as I am hired or once the project starts?
Once the project starts

Am I getting paid for testing and submitting paperwork?
No, you will start to get paid the moment you start your new project at the client site. 

Is there a cost for being placed with The Fountain Group?
No. The Fountain Group works on your behalf to place you with some of America and Canada’s most admired companies free of charge.

What types of positions are available to me?
The Fountain Group offers contingent, contingent-to-permanent and permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries.

Does The Fountain Group offer benefits?
Yes. In fact, The Fountain Group offers most associates the opportunity to enroll in some of the most comprehensive benefits in the industry, including health benefits, training, and the opportunity to earn paid holidays and referral bonuses. Benefits may vary by location, so please speak to your recruiter to confirm your eligibility for our benefits program.

What is the job placement process?
We remain alert to job opportunities in all areas we service – both immediate and future hiring needs. If your skills and your interests fit the types of positions we place, we’ll invite you to go through different screening steps, including a thorough interview. This information helps us better match you with companies that seek your skills, background and opportunities that fit your career goals. Once we find an assignment for you, we’ll make certain you’re thoroughly prepared for on the job success.

Can I search for jobs myself?
Yes. Please just go to our website www.thefountaingroup.com. There is a tab at the top of the home screen that says SEARCH JOBS. There you will find all of the jobs The Fountain Group is currently sourcing for.

How do I apply for a job with The Fountain Group?
Start by sending your resume to tfgemployment@thefountaingroup.com, and use this format in the subject line of the e-mail: the words “New Resume”, your name, and the date your resume was submitted to us (Ex: New Resume – John Doe – 1/1/2012). Send a status update e-mail to tfgemployment@thefountaingroup.com if you have not been in contacted within 24 hours of sending your initial e-mail. Place in the subject line of the e-mail: the words “New Resume”, your name, and the words “Status Update” (Ex: New Resume – John Doe – Status Update).

What do I need to do after I submitted my resume or applied for a job?
The Fountain Group’s highest priority is to put talented people like you to work. If your skills are a match for our client’s needs, your Fountain Group Talent Acquisition Consultant will contact you about the next steps. If there’s any update on your experience, contact information, job seeking intention, etc., please e-mail your latest resume to your Talent Acquisition Consultant so we’ll have the most current information and can place you on the most suitable assignments.

Does The Fountain Group continue to support me after I start a job?
If you’re on a contingent labor assignment as a Fountain Group associate, then yes. While your supervisor at the work site is your resource for daily work-related questions, The Fountain Group is your employer and is available to support you if you have any questions or concerns that are HR related. If you’ve been hired for a permanent position through The Fountain Group, we’ll support you for 90 days while you transition into your job with your new employer. After that, you should speak with your direct supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

What do I do when I finish an assignment?
Start by sending an e-mail to: tfgemployment@thefountaingroup.com, and use this format in the subject line of the e-mail: the words “Talent Redeployment”, your name, the name of the client you are currently working at, and the end date of the assignment (Ex: Talent Redeployment – John Doe – ABC Company – end date 1/31/2012). Then, when you are contacted by a Fountain Group representative, please let us know if there is any change in your availability, so we may include your recent job experience and any new skills you’ve gained to present to prospective employers. Send a status update e-mail to tfgemployment@thefountaingroup.com if you have not been in contacted within 24 hours of sending your initial e-mail. Place in the subject line of the e-mail: the words “Talent Redeployment”, your name, and the words “Status Update” (Ex: Talent Redeployment – John Doe – Status Update).

What kind of career development resources does The Fountain Group offer?
The Fountain Group offers job seekers and Fountain Group associates industry-leading career growth resources, such as help with career planning, resume writing and interview preparation.

Do I get paid vacation days, holidays or sick days? If so, how many? 

This information should be discussed directly with customer support, at customerservice@thefountaingroup.com, as it can vary.

Do I always have to send hotel/rental receipts for my per-diem split? 

Yes, you may want to try speaking with the hotel or landlord to see if you can have something written with an extended stay.

How can I change my withholding on my W4?
You can change your withholding at any time by printing, completing and returning the W4 via email. Scan and return to customerservice@thefountaingroup.com

What is your fax number?

What is your E-Verify number & Information?
152559 listed as: The Fountain Group, LLC.

Do I need to send you any information if I am relocating?
Yes, we need to keep an updated profile on file, especially for confidential documents, such as tax statements. Email all change of address info to customerservice@thefountaingroup.com

Who do I contact if I am going to be late/absent for the day?
We ask that as soon as you are aware of your tardiness/absence that you notify your manager immediately. Please also send us a notification via email at customerservice@thefountaingroup.com , so that we can update your file. If you do not have email available, you may call us at 813.321.1653

How do I access copies of my pay stubs?

  1. From www.paycor.com click Sign In.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password and then click the Sign In button.
  3. Click My Check Stubs. View your check stub information.

For more info, download the Reference Guide.

How does The Fountain Group protect my personal information?
The Fountain Group cares about your privacy and goes to great lengths to ensure confidentiality. The Fountain Group is a security-cleared facility by The Department of Homeland Security. Our privacy policy is upheld to secret-level facility clearance policy. For more information, view our Privacy Policy.

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